International SpaceWire Conference 2010

22 - 24 June

House of Scientists, St. Petersburg, Russia

SWIFT Corot JWST BepiColumbo MMO BepiColumbo MPO Instrument Unit

Conference Information


SpaceWire is a leading onboard data-handling network for use onboard spacecraft. It is simple to implement and use, and is being deployed on many space missions.

Aims / Scope of Conference

The International SpaceWire Conference aims to bring together SpaceWire product designers, hardware engineers, software engineers, system developers and mission specialists interested in and working with SpaceWire to share the latest ideas and developments related to SpaceWire technology. The conference is targeted at the full SpaceWire community including both academics and industrialists.

Conference Location

The International SpaceWire Conference will be held in the House of Scientists, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Technical Programme

Sessions are dedicated to the following topics:

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Keynote Speakers

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The sponsors of the 2010 International SpaceWire Conference are:

SUAI Logo SUAI - The St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI). The St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) is the technology university dedicated to aerospace technologies education and development. Founded in 1941, nowadays it is one of the leading technology universities of Russia, with 11 faculties and 12 research institutes, and approximately 15 thousand students including several hundred foreign students. The Institute of High-Performance Computer and Network Technologies (IHPCNT) is one of the R & D institutes at SUAI. The IHPCNT was launched in 2003 on the base of High-Performance Microprocessor Systems Lab. The core team of the IHPCNT has been in R & D in the fields of computer architectures and networks since the 1970’s-1980’s. The present IHPCNT staff includes over 40 people, with a good balance of experienced professors and young investigators, post-graduate and MSc students. It runs R & D with government grants, for Russian avionics, space and electronic industry companies, and has collaboration with ESTEC/ESA collaboration and R & D contracts with global companies: Intel, Nokia, Cadence, MIPI Alliance. IHPCNT incorporates also the Laboratory for Systems-on-Chip (sponsored by Intel and Cadence) and the Laboratory for Embedded Computing for Mobile Communications (sponsored by Nokia).

European Space Agency ESA Logo - The European Space Agency is Europe's gateway to space. Its mission is to shape the development of Europe's space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe. ESA drove and funded the development of the SpaceWire standard. ESA is using SpaceWire on several missions including Bepi Colombo, GAIA and Earth Care.

NASA NASA Logo - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States of America. NASA's mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery, and aeronautics research. SpaceWire is being designed into the James Webb Space Telescope, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, GEOS-R and other missions, and is currently in orbit in the SWIFT spacecraft.

JAXA JAXA Logo - Japanese Aerospace eXploration Agency is Japan's core organization for aerospace technology, which promotes consistent activities, from basic research to technology development and utilization. JAXA aims to pursue the enormous possibilities in space and aviation, and challenge various research and development fields in the aim of "Sustainable Development" in order to contribute to peace and happiness for all mankind. JAXA is using SpaceWire on the Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter and NeXT.

Space Technology Centre Space Technology Centre Logo - Space Technology Centre, University of Dundee - A world leading centre for the development of SpaceWire technology. The SpaceWire standard was written by University of Dundee with input from spacecraft engineers across Europe. SpaceWire intellectual property, chips and software being used for several international space missions was developed in the Space Technology Centre. STAR-Dundee ( is a spin-out from the Space Technology Centre.

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